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А.V. Khoroshavin
The concept of industrial policy of the Sakhalin region
S.N. Kravtsov
Financial monitoring in Russia: formation, becoming, development
Mega-project – the system of investment projects as an integrator of the forest sector of economy of Khabarovsk Territory
N.A. Pakholkov
D.V. Perevalov
Forming and development of the transport infrastructure of the region
G.V. Kryzhanovskaja
Inter-budgetary cooperation and forming budgetary resources of the Subjects in Russian Federation
E.J. Аgeshina
М.А. Аleshkova
Forming of relations between insurance companies and credit organizations on the base of functional connections definition
Theory and practice of administration
N.М. Gorbunov,
S.N. Tret’yak
Planning methodology fundamentals in the service organization management process
Е.V. Kizil’,
S.L. Osipov
The objective preconditions of producing and distribution of the social welfare to the state and local sectors of the economics: theoretical aspects
V.A. Embulaev,
A.I. Tonkih
The mathematical model of the management of coalmining enterprises of the Russian Federation on regional level
10 Е.G. Maklashova
Interregional Integration in the Contemporary Russia: Specifics of Federal Regulation
History and the present
11 Y.S. Pestushko
Debate in the Political Circles of Russia on the Questions of Foreign Policy and the Future of the Russo-Japanese relations, 1905 – 1914
12 I.P. Gantimurov
Mutual relations of the USSR and Japan on preservation and use of the Sea Biological Resources of the Pacific region (the end of the 50s – 80s of the 20th century)
13 А.А. Jaroshenko
The Far-Eastern civil aircraft during the Great Patriotic War (1941 – 1945)
14 Е.V. Samokhvalova
The problem of approach of the court to the population and the ways of its solution in the Vladivostok judicial district in the period from 1926 to 1929
15 О.P. Fedirko
The role of Soviet Holidays in anti-religious struggle in the Far East in 1920s – 1930s of XX century
Sociology, philosophy, culturology
16 N.M. Baikov ,
D.V. Brilev
Self-Organization of high school students as a resource to develop the civil society
17 G.I.Usanov,
А.А. Oblasov
The influence of social innovations and investments to the characteristics of working potential of the region
18 E.A. Vasil’chenko
Professional risks in social work: syndrome of burning out
19 G.V. Beskrovnyi ,
A.Y. Lobzeva ,
L.V. Kashirina
The study of the need-motivational resource of a man
20 N.I. Reshetnikov
The structure of negative administration, its attributes and modi
21 V.N. Shiyan,
V.V. Vlasova-Saykova
Social-ecological values of the health of young people in the dynamics of the quality of its life.
22 E.V. Turaeva
Social policy in the holding “Rossiyskie zheleznie dorogi (RZhD)”: regional aspect in providing the economic security of the railway sector.
23 A.G. Filipova
Monitoring of the social position of the families with the children under the guardianship: organization and conducting of research
24 V.А. Povstin
Social capital use within the economy of the Far East
25 R.V. Goloshchapov
Administrative reform in modern Russia: the theoretical and organizational-legal aspects
26 А.G. Lakhman
Legal conscience and legal regulation as the concept and reality
27 S.N. Novikova
Actual aspects of the regulation of lease relations in the field of uses of the land plots
28 А.S. Larioshin
The legislative techniques of the penal regulations (The articles 158-162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)
29 Е.А. Palygina
Veto power of the President of Russian Federation: problems of implementation
Post-Graduate Research
30 A.G. Devyatkin
Regulation of the commodity market of Khabarovsk as a component of the infrastructural complex of the municipality
31 К.А. Berman
The analysis of the impact of the Federal Statute №256-FL (29.12.2006) “On supplementary measures of state support of the families having children” coming in force on birth rate in Khabarovsk territory
32 I.B. Plakhotnaya
Typology of the mechanism of administrative-legal regulation in the sphere of medical security of citizens
33 М.А. Cherevko
The Attitude of students toward the future profession of teacher in the stage of education at pedagogical Institute

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