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Scientific journal "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" is published by the institute together with the Apparatus of the envoy plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far-Eastern federal district and Interregional association of economic interaction "The Far East and Zabaykal’e". Since December, 1997 the edition is issued with the ISSN 1818-4049 index.

Since 17.06.2011 the scientific journal "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" is included by the decision of Presidium of VAK of the Ministry of Education of Russia in the List of leading scientific editions recommended for publication of the main results of dissertations for competitors of a scientific degree of the doctor and the candidate of science in the directions: economy, right, history, philosophy, sociology, cultural science. The journal is included in the Abstract journal and the VINITI Databases.

"The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal
• - it is oriented on the personnel of public authorities and local government of different levels of the Far-Eastern federal district, business community, economists, financiers, social workers, lawyers, personnel officers, analysts, teachers and students of the higher education institutions;
• - publishes scientific-theoretical, analytical information materials, results of the scientific researches. Exactly thanks to a connection of science and practice the readers have an opportunity to get acquainted with the researches in which the scientific knowledge refracts through the results of practical activities.

Priority subjects:
• - questions of public service and municipal management in the light of carried-out administrative reforms;
• - practice of selection of personnel and methodic of determination of productivity of their work;
• - questions of regional, economic, social, demographic and national policy.

Main headings:
• - Theory and practice of management
• - Economy
• - History and modernity
• - Sociology, philosophy, cultural science
• - Psychology of professional activity
• - Legal field
• - I present to protection

Themes of the journal issues in 2013:
• - Problems of professional training of personnel for bodies of the public and municipal service in the Far-Eastern federal district.
• - Improvement of political system in the process of formation of the civil society in Russia.
• - Problems and prospects of the higher school in the light of modern reform.
• - Questions of efficiency of economic activity of the region
• - Formation of a deputy corps and current trends of interaction of legislature with the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation.
• - Rule-making activity of a deputy corps and the legal support of activity of the local governments.
• - Social protection of the population of the region: Results and tasks.
• - Administrative legal mechanism of ensuring the unity of legal medium.

Periodicity - 4 numbers a year, volume is up to 14 p.p.

Subscription for 2013: 2 400 rub for legal entities and 1 200 rub – for natural persons.

It is possible to subscribe:
- In editorial office of the journal (ph. 4212- 30-65-49, 30-47-48 (fax)).
- Fill in the form of the order and send to our address: 680682 Khabarovsk, Muravyev-Amurskiy St., 33, the Far-Eastern institute branch of a RANHiGS, publishing department. E-mail:

- Through the JSCs Agency “Rospechat’” or in any office of “Sberbank” with this receipt

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