The "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal prints earlier not published the problem, survey, debatable articles and the original researches on the power and management questions with emphasis on such sections of scientific knowledge, as economy, sociology, philosophy, cultural science, right, history, and also reviews, the chronicle of scientific life, etc. Among the priority – materials about the East of Russia.

The articles have to be not highly specialized – available to the scientist of any scientific direction, wishing to receive an idea of essence and results of the researches in other fields of science, opportunities of their using in practice.

of sending, reviewing and publication of the articles
in the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal

1. The articles are given to the editorship on the paper and electronic data medium. The paper copy has to be signed by the author.

2. The text is typed in the Word program of any version, it is represented on a diskette (CD or other data medium) or by e-mail with the typed appendix (on one side of the paper), size 14, in 1 interval. The manuscript has to be numbered, signed by all the authors, the surname, name and middle name of the author(s), scientific degree, position, institution, post and electronic addresses, contact phone are indicated. The Article has to have the recommendation for printing from the research supervisor, if the research supervisor is a coauthor, the person equal to him on scientific status, the expert in that field of science which is mentioned in the article can be the reviewer. It is also necessary to give the reference of results of the article examination in a system of analysis of the texts on the adoption existence "Antiplagiarism".

3. The limit volume of the article –10 pages, including the list of the literature, tables and drawings with caption signatures. Existence of the International classification index (UDK) is obligatory. Data about the author(s), keywords (the basic concepts or terms (to 10 words), given at line in a comma), annotation in Russian and English languages not less than 100 - 150 words placed before the article text; English translation of heading, institution (work place), position, transliteration of initials and surname of the author(s) are given. The number of formulas has to be the minimum. Formulas are brought in the text. Tables have to be entitled, an existence in them empty column it isn't allowed. To the table the source is specified. Abbreviations and symbols should be explained in the note.

4. References to the literature are given at the end of a material. The bibliography is given according to the Interstate standard specification 7.05-2008. The list of the used literature (no more than 15 names are desirable) is formed not in alphabetical order, but as it is mentioned in the text, alphabetically original authors and names without coauthors and chronology, and is numbered. By the reference in the text serial number in square brackets is specified. In the list there are the sources in Russian at first, then – on foreign. Full name of the book or article, edition place, publishing house, year, the quantitative characteristic of sources (for the book – total of pages, for the article or chapter – pages on which it is placed) are given.

5. Our journal is edited in two languages (Russian and English), in this regard authors need to give to the editorship, except Russian, and English version of the article, the summary and keywords.

6. Annotations to the articles, keywords, information about the authors and bibliographies are placed online in a free access in Russian and English languages, full text versions of the articles in a free access or available only for subscribers.

7. All page footnotes have to be issued as literal citing, i.e. must be in the inverted commas.

8. The articles are published on the terms of compensation by the author of expenses (1 conditional printed page (16 pages) costs 16000 rub). The payment for the publication of manuscripts isn't taken from the postgraduate students.

9. All manuscripts are reviewed. The manuscripts which aren't meeting the established requirements come back to the author to completion or deviate. In a case of publication refusal the editorship sends the motivated answer to the author.

10. All manuscripts are sent to the address: 680682, Khabarovsk, Muravyev-Amurskiy St., 33, FGBOU VPO "The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service by the President of the Russian Federation", the Far-Eastern institute – branch, publishing department (editorship phone: (4212) 305-306, E-mail:

11. The article of the authors which came to the editorial office of the journal is registered in a special journal and within 1-2 days goes to the editor-in-chief (deputy chief editor) for determination of the reviewers.

12. The editor (deputy chief editor), within one week, selects the reviewers from among the specialists in a subject of scientific article of the author. All reviewers are the high-skilled specialists in a subject of the reviewed materials and have within the last 3 years publications on a subject of the reviewed article.

13. On receiving the preliminary consent / disagreement of the reviewer for examination of the article three days are taken away.

14. Within 10 days the reviewer has to evaluate the article according to the developed criteria, prepare the written motivated conclusion and present it to the editor-ship.

15. The written conclusion of the reviewers certified by the signature goes to the editorial office of the journal.

16. The editorial office sends the copy of review to the author.

17. On the basis of conclusion of the reviewers at a meeting of the edition council the decision on taking of the article in the journal is made.

18. Reviews are stored in the editor-ship archive not less than 5 years.

19. Copies of reviews go to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation by coming to the editorial office of the journal of the corresponding inquiry.

The manuscripts which aren't meeting the established requirements, aren't registered.

1. The editorship doesn't receive registered letters and parcels.
2. Manuscripts aren't sent back by mail.
3. The author's copy of journal can be received in the editorship.

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