№3 (80) 2017.
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Article name
Theory and practice of the management and economy
1. E. F. Avdokushin
P. V. Igumnov
Asian vector of development of the energy complex of the Sakhalin region
2. O. M. Renzin Russia – Japan: academic dialogue on the economy – 2017
3. O. G. Ivanchenko
E. O. Kolbina
A. Yu. Titkova
Financing the investment demand of the real sector of economy with resources of the regional banking system
4. E. V. Panyushkina Some aspects of digitalization of economic interests
5. T. A. Lukasewich Ensuring competitiveness of the regions: possibilities of the subjects of the Far-Eastern federal district
6. M. A. Gritsko
O. G. Polivaeva
The main trends and results of commercialization of the social sphere (on the example of health care)
7. A. B. Bardal Evaluation of the transport services accessibility for the population of the region
8. G. V. Tsvetova
M. V. Erofeeva
Increase in financial literacy of the population of Russia: review of educational projects
Sociology, culturologyb>
9. O. R. Averina
N. M. Baykov
Extremist symbols in the internet as a factor of the threat of youth’ socialization
10. T. N. Blinova
M. M. Tretyakov
Educational organization of higher education. Special status in the higher education system of modern Russia
11. S. S. Halikova Problems and prospects of youth employment in the Khabarovsk Territory
12. N. P. Sidorova Marriage, family and children in the consciousness of youth: sociological analysis
13. Yu. A. Gulyagin Right for compensation: topical issues of the law enforcement in the Far-Eastern federal district
14. A. V. Rybak
P. B. Skripko
K. S. Nezhinskaya
A. A. Rybak
Features of realization of the rights and freedoms of the person and citizen in the border territory of the Russian Federation
15. D. N. Shevyrev
E. N. Liholet
«Drugs of alternative medicine» as a modern threat to the state administration
16. K. A. Vlasov
D. Yu. Balatskiy
National safety and banking system
17. A. S. Kamko Portrait of a victim of fraud in telecommunications technology
18. I. V. Kernadzhuk
A. O. Schweiger
To some issues of delimiting disorganization of the activities of institutions that provide isolation from the society, from related crimes
Ecological policy
19. G. Z. Arutyunova
V. V. Valkovskaya
Specialized ecological consciousness: scientific justification of opportunities and the prospects of sustainable development in the territory of the Far-Eastern federal district
20. A. V. Garbar Standard and legal fixing of ecological insurance in the system of protection of the state interests of Russia
21. S. E. Kalyonov Disciplinary responsibility for the land and ecological offenses: whether requirements of the prosecutor are lawful?
Post-Graduate Research
22. V. V. Levochko The right to use subsoil as an object of civil rights: theory and practice
23. L. T. Sikorskaya Formation of the Soviet judicial system in the Far East of Russia (1917 – 1926)