CОNTENS № 1 (82), 2018
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Article name
Theory and practice of economics and administration
1 Ma Yujun
D. V. Suslov
Tourist cooperation of Heilongjiang Province with Russia in the border areas
2 A. B. Bardal The system of checkpoints across the state border: the Russian Far East
3 A. V. Novokreshchenov From local councils to local government and vice versa
Sociology, culturology
4 A. V. Shulyaeva Trust as a fundamental basis of civil societycapital
5 O. R. Averina Protestantism in the Far East of Russia: history, present state, problems
6 M. N. Zinyatova
E. A. Kleymyonov
E. V. Chepikov
Status of professional service and physical training in the public opinion of employees of the Law enforcement bodies: the regional aspect
We discuss a problem: state and development of the civil society
7 N. M. Baikov Trust as a fundamental basis of civil societycapital
8 Yu. V. Berezutskiy The role of the state youth policy in the development of youth social activity
9 N. P. Sidorova Public organizations as a form of realization of civil activity of the population of the region
10 Yu. A. Melnitskaya State and public partnership in the sphere of international relations of the civil society
11 E. A. Kleymyonov Elections and political parties as the instruments of democracy in the Khabarovsk territory
Post-Graduate Research
12 D. P. Shaburova Methodological organizational approaches optimization providing statistical information to the executive authorities of the region
13 O. V. Zavyalova Development of an information system of archival institution as a factor of improvement of quality of the population
14 I. I. Adamenko Foreign experience of retrospective assessment of regulatory impact (on the example of Economic cooperation and development,s organization)
15 E. L. Ryabkova Sociocultural adaptation of international students: development of theoretical model