CОNTENS № 3 (84), 2018

Article name
Theory and practice of economics and management
1 A. B. BardalM.
A. Gritsko
S. S. Khalikova
I. S. Khvan
Availability measurement of transport services: the Far East
2 S. N. Naiden
O. V. Demina
Demand of the population for the power supply services in the southern zone of the Far East
3 N. E. AntonovaA.
B. Bardal
Mutual influence of the forest and transport complexes of the Far East: background, modern problems and possibilities of development
4 G. V. Tsvetova
E. S. Stemkovskay
The insurance market of the Far-Eastern federal district: state and trends of development
5 N. V. Medvedeva Method of road mapping in the development of the state civil service: practice of application
6 A. L. Domrachev Investment climate in the regional measurement
7 N. M. Baykov Self-determination of students of technical schools and colleges of the region in the sociological dimension
8 Yu. V. Berezutskiy Professional youth self-determination according to the assessments of students and parents
9 N. P. Sidorova Prospects of employment of graduates of secondary vocational education in the estimates of emplouers
10 Ye. A. Kleimenov Institutional expectations of cadets and trainees in educational organization
11 I. V. Leskova
N. S. Stepashov
E. V. Kanishcheva
Vital difficulties of teachers of the higher school: behavioral reflections
We discuss the problem: migration processes in the Far-Eastern federal district
12 E. L. Motrich
T. A. Yaroslavtseva.
Modern problems in the sphere of preservation and replenishment of the Far-Eastern society
13 L. A. Krivonosova
M. A. Us
Features of ethnic identity of migrants in the Far East of Russia
Post-Graduate Research
14 E. A. Vinokurtseva Monitoring of ensuring by professionals in the sphere of procurements as a tool of efficiency of contract system (on research materials in the Trans-Baikal region)
15 I. A. Andronyak Improvement of practice of regulation of municipal services
16 F. F. Smirnov About improvement of anti-corruption training of the officials

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