CОNTENS № 2 (87), 2019

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Article name
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
1 M.V. Tomilov Prospects for deepening trade integration within the modern free trade zones in the Asia-Pacific region
2 Liu Bo Results of the 40 years policy of reforms and openness in the People’s Republic in China for the Heilongjiang Province
3 Sung Linlin Evolution and trends of development of the sphere of tourism in the Heilongjiang Province (China)
4 Sun Tse Modern agriculture of the Heilongjiang Province (China) as a national model of development
Theory and practice of economics and management
5 N. V. Medvedeva Standardization of development of competition in the territorial subjects of the Russian Federation
6 O. V. Kulagina Monitoring the implementation of the state program “Formation of favorable investment climate in the Jewish Autonomous Region for 2014 – 2020 years”
7 D. A. Popov The Eastern strategy of Russia: motives and retrospective types
Sociology, culturology, philosophy
8 N. M. Baykov
E. V. Likhacheva
Physical culture and sport in the context of national priorities of public policy: sociological aspects
9 V. V. Zubkov Migration intentions of residents of the Khabarovsk territory: declared the trend or the objective reality
10 E. P. Makarova Analysis of the nature and characteristics of the civil society: theoretical aspect
11 M. A. Manikovskaya Digitalization of Education: Challenges to Traditional Norms and Moral Principles
12 M. P. Arutyunyan Spiritual and moral potential of Russia in self-preservation of the value world of culture
Post-Graduate Research
13 D. P. Shaburova Analysis and assessment of social and economic processes in the regions – the basis of the mechanism of sustainability of development (on the example of Khabarovsk territory)
14 M. S. Matviishin Process approach in the quality management of service of the mortgage housing lending
15 A. V. Mendel Sociological analysis of learning environment and its influence on the quality of school education: initial results
We discuss a problem
16 Zh. Zh. Chimitdorzhiev
A. N. Veretennikov
The Far-Eastern kitchen: the possibility of establishing of the regional brand
Review of scientific life
17 V. V. Valkovskaya Modern world in the valuable measurement: materials of the expert round table

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