No.2, 2020
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The Far East:nev strategies and development models
1 O. G. Ivanchenko
A. N. Grigorieva
E. S. Ivanchenko
The impact of credit resources in the development industry of the Far-Eastern regions of Russia
2 S. N. Naiden
M. A. Gritsko
N. S. Burevaya
Social infrastructure development as a condition of human capital growth
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
3 V. Yu. Ambrutis
N. M. Shum
Strategic management of increasing the export efficiency of timber products of the Far East to the countries of Northeast Asia
4 Tzou Syutin Impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the China's economy and the government and regional countermeasures
Theory and practice of economics and management
5 G. V. Tsvetova Digital Economy: benefits, threats, and the influences factors
6 I. A. Dokukina
A. V. Polyanin
V. V. Tarnovskiy
Basic directions of improving the distribution of organizational tasks in the conditions of public management
7 S. I. Zakharov Assessing opportunities of competitiveness increasing in the coal industry enterprises
8 V. A. Tsibikov Suicide prevention as a federal system (on the example of the Far-Eastern federal district regions)
9 Yu. A. Zubok
Yu. V. Berezutskiy
Social activity of youth: ideological foundations of self-regulations
10 N. M. Baykov
S. A. Litvintseva
Professional socialization and social practice in doctors submissions and population assessments
11 E. K. Fedorishcheva
I. A. Gareeva
K. V. Kosilov
Behavioral health strategies by the students of medical directions (sociological analysis)
12 V. V. Zubkov Segmented labor market in the context of demographic situation and sociological dimension
13 Ye. A. Kleymenov
Ye. V. Chepikov
The state of anti-corruption education of citizens onthe Far East: sociological dimension

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