№4 (93) 2020г.

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Article name
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
1 Renzin O. M.
Kuchuk V. V.
Transformation of institutional instruments in the NEA Countries: South Korea
2 Linlin Song Analysis of integrated development of digital economy with the Heilongjiang Province’s cross-border E-commerce with Russia
The Far East:nev strategies and development models
3 Naiden S. N. Implementation of the state policy in the Far East
4 Antonova N. E. Implementation of the state policy in the forest complex of the Khabarovsk territory: the current stage
5 Gritsko M. A.
Polivaeva O. G.
Demographic potential of the Russian Far East: expectations and reality
Theory and practice of economics and management
6 Veprikova E. B.
Kislenok A. A.
Approaches to the definition of territorial backwardness in the regional development management
7 Korotina N. Yu. Correlation of decentralization and economic growth in the regions of Russia
8 Darbasov V. R.
Solomonov M. P.
Assessment of the state of the heat economy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
9 Khvan I. S. Tipologization of regions of the Far East on the level of development of social infrastructure
10 Samandina L. V.
Khalikova S. S.
Practice of participation of the local authorities of the Khabarovsk territory in the implementation of national projects
11 L. E. Pynko Directions of development of insurance of the hazardous industries
12 Khridina N. A. Institutionalization of self-regulation of business relations as a factor in development of the civil society
13 Barbysheva T. M. Development of public-private partnerships in the regional dimension
14 Vasilyeva E. A. Motivation of women-officials in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
15 Chesnitskiy I. I. Respect for the social and economic rights of citizens as an imperative to reduce poverty in the Khabarovsk territory
16 Krivonosova L. A. The policy of forming positive image of the Khabarovsk territory: sociological analysis
17 Gareeva I. A.
Konobeyskaya A. V.
Healthy lifestyle of students as a social value and real practice (based on the materials of a sociological study)
18 Cherevko M. A. Professional plans of the university graduates (on the example of socioeconomic professions)
We diskuss a problem: etnocultural diversity of the Russian society and strengthening of the all-Russian identity
19 Smirnova T. B. Contemporary ethno-demographical processes in the regions of Siberia and the Russia’s Far East
20 Kolomiets O. P. Features of modern migration processes in the Northern Far-East of Russia (Chukchi version)
21 Zubkov V. V.
Sidorov P. G.
Migration imaginations of residents of the Khabarovsk territory: experience of the pilot sociological research
22 Zadorin A.V. Employment structure and the level of education of Kyrgyz in the Krasnoyarsk territory

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