№1 (98) 2022г.

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Article name
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
1 Zhang Mei Current situation and prospects of cooperation in the field of agriculture in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang and Russia
2 Taskaeva S. V. Transbaikal territory as a vector of contemporary Russian-Chinese foreign trade relations
Theory and practice of economics and management
3 Basova S. N.
Mazankova T. V.
Toropova T. A.
Conceptual approaches to the formation of conditions for favorable entrepreneurial climate of economic entities of the consumer market of the Khabarovsk territory
4 Stroeva G. N. Housing affordability in the Khabarovsk territory in the context of implementation of the national project «Housing and Urban Environment»
5 Bulanova M. A. Assessment of the impact of demographic policy to reduce mortality (using the example of the Far-Eastern federal district)
Sociology, culturology
6 Baykov N. M.
Voronkin M. V.
Networking of secondary vocational education organizations in the region: opportunities and prospects
7 Berezutskiy Yu. V.
Stasyuk E. V.
Regional identity of Khabarovsk krai youth and its «social anchors»
8 Nevelichko L. G.
Vorotilkina I. M.
Civic identity of youth: theoretical and empirical aspects of research
9 Khalikova S. S. Life strategies of the far-eastern youth
10 Krivonosova L. A.. Students' self-education in distance education: sociological research perspectives
11 Kradozhen-Mazurova E. M. Increasing interest in modern Russian literature and literary language as an element of civil position generation: analysis of regional practice

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