№1 (94) 2021г.

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Article name
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
1 Renzin O. M.
Suslov D. V.
Economic growth strategies modernization in PRC and the Russian Federation and prospects for enhancing partnership between PRC and RF
2 Simonenko O. A. Main aspects of the Malaysia’s international cooperation in the field of science and research
3 Liu Bo Strategy and analysis of personnel management in the libraries of higher education institutions of China
The Far East:nev strategies and development models
4 Veprikova E. B.
Kislenok A. A.
Implementation of the state policy in the Far East
5 Stroeva G. N. Development of the cultural sphere in strategic planning documents for the regions of the Far-Eastern federal district
Theory and practice of economics and management
6 Solomko M. N. Budget sustainability and dynamic of the regional economic development
7 Syupova M. S. Differentiation of socio-economic development of municipal entities as a threat to the economic security
8 Mazankova T. V. Service employment assessment
9 Tsvetova G. V.
Polonnikova E. K.
The market of medical services in the regional dimension
10 Salogub A. M.
Arselgova M. A.
External social responsibility: key trends, governance and partnership tools
11 Markina Y. M.
Pestova Y. N.
Professional PR-community in the Russian Far East: identification and self-organization
12 Zerchaninova T. E.
Mudretsova N.P.
Nikitina A. S.
Public organizations as factors of the youth civic participation in the local self-government
13 Baykov N. M.
Berezutskiy Yu. V.
Yurevich E. Yu.
Social activity of urban district residents: Political and civil self-organization
14 Kleymyonov E. A. Police in the public opinion of youth
15 Khalikova S. S. Formation of positive image of an entrepreneur in the Russian Federation
16 Bulanova M. A. Poverty assessment in Russia: dependence on the measurement methodology
17 Khridina N. A. Traditional way of life of small indigenous peoples in sociological dimension
We diskuss a problem: etnocultural diversity of the Russian society and strengthening of the all-Russian identity
18 Vinokurova D. M.
Tomaska A. G.
Internal and external migration in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): the attitude of student youth
19 Avdashkin A. A. Internal and international migrations: opinion of the South Urals)
20 Klyueva V. P.
Farakhutdinov Sh. F.
Migration moods of population of the Tyumen region
21 Tyukhteneva S. P. Labor migration from the Altai Republic on the eve of the 2021st population census
Post-Graduate Research
22 Pankratyeva S. G. Assessment of the economic efficiency of renewable energy sources in the Khabarovsk territory
23 Kolokoltseva A. V. Modern approaches to evaluating the efficiency of mining

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