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The Far East: strategies and development models
1 Degtyarev M. V. Innovative public-legal regimes in the strategic development of the Russian Far East: the proper measure in deep logistic and paradigm approaches
2 Zikunova I. V. Socio-economic dynamics in changing the institution of public authority: experience of the Khabarovsk region
3 Kravchuk S. A. Socio-economic development of the urban district the city of Khabarovsk: state and prospects
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
4 Tomilov M. V. Prospects for the deepening of trade integration between EAEU participants and Asia-Pacific countries
5 Xiaoguang Bai Sino-Russian humanitarian cooperation: state, problems and prospects
6 Chu Qi Study of the cross-border cooperation with Russia in the Heilongjiang pilot free trade zone
Theory and practice of economics and management
7 Bardal A. B. Change in the needs of the Far-Eastern economy for transport services
8 Veprikova E. B.
Kislenok A. A.
Gulidov R. V.
Methodology for evaluating socio-economic development of the territories based on revealing of the local backwardness attributes
9 Medvedeva N. V.
Maslyuk N. A.
The new instruments of the attraction of the infrastructure investments in the regional economy
10 Efremenko V. F. Structural factors of migration of the population of the Russian Far East
11 Glazyrina I. P.
Kalgina I. S.
Brezgin V. S.
Paradoxes of the placer gold economy
12 Berezutskiy Yu. V.
Baykov N. M.
Bulanova M. A.
Social representations of the students of secondary schools of the Khabarovsk territory: sociological measurement
13 Lukina K. V.
Shirokova A. S.
Zakharycheva T. A.
Sociological measurement of user reaction to Instagram blocking: expert assessment
14 Beidina T. E. Problems of the Trans-Baikal territory within the framework of political sociology
15 Cherevko M. A. Pedagogical mentoring as a factor of professional self-determination of young teachers (regional aspect)
We discuss a problem: Humen capital development
16 Manikovskaya M. A. Humanitarian foundation of human capital: theoretical insights and regional explication
17 Arutyunian M. P. Managerial discourse of «human capital»
18 Kostina E. Yu.
Orlova N. A.
Strategy for the development of human capital of the Russian Far East

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