CОNTENS № 4 (89), 2019

Article name
The Far East: new strategies and development models
1 D. V. Suslov
Ma Yujun
New aspects of Russian-Chinese investment cooperation in the Russian Far East
2 N. E. Antonova
A. B. Bardal
Security and sustainability of the Far-Eastern economy development in the context of integration: resource and transport factors
3 A. E. Demyanenko Opportunities for economic growth of regions of the Far East Federal District
4 O. M. Renzin
V. V. Kuchuk
Multilevel integration as a tool for the Russian Far East incorporating in the Asia-Pacific Region
Theory and practice of economics and management
5 A. B. Belousova
M. A. Gritsko
S. N. Naiden
Social inequality as a constraint on demographic growth
6 T. A. Lukasevich Educational potential of the labor market: the Far-Eastern flavor
7 L. E. Pyn'ko
E. V. Tolkacheva
Integration of digital economy into the social and economic sphere of the Khabarovsk territory
8 T. V. Mazankova Оценка конкурентной среды в розничной торговле Хабаровского края
9 N. P. Sidorova
S. N. Basova
T. A.Toropova
Application of project approach in management system
10 M. A. Bulanova Federal senior generation project: challenges measurements and implementation prospects
11 F. F. Smirnov
A. S. Rogov
Perfection of individual elements anti-corruption through implementation positive experience of activities of state bodies in other areas of public relations (on the example of countering terrorism)
12 L. A. Krivonosova
D. A. Grekhov
Sociological aspects of research of the regional factors of formation and emergence of extremism
13 I. A. Gareeva
A. P. Stepanova
Sociological aspects of research of the regional factors of formation and emergence of extremism
14 Ye. A. Kleymenov
V. S. Dunin
Ye. V. Chepikov
The advantages of training in the educational organization of the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the sociological dimension
Review of scientific life
15 O. G. Polivaeva
O. M. Renzin
New «Asian policy» and development of the Far East of Russia (discussion review)
Post-Graduate Research
16 M. A. Us Integration of the other cultural communities in the Khabarovsk region: sociological aspect
17 Yu. A. Kulagina Sociological aspects of evaluation of software-targeted health prevention in Khabarovsk

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