Contents. №2 (79) 2017.
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Theory and practice of the management and economy
1. V.D.Kalashnikov
Strategic planning in the Khabarovsk Territory: synthesis of de-velopment ideas
2. V.V.Verigina Comprehensive assessment of the investment climate of the territories оf the Russian Federation entities
3. H.S.Pak
G.B. Makarenko
Fuel and energy complex of Russia: assessment of resource poten-tial and the safety
4. A.Yu.Tarasyuk Russia-China cooperation: challenges, priorities, prospects
5. Zou Xiuting
D.V. Suslov
The state and prospects of trade and economic cooperation be-tween the Northeast of China and Russia
6. A.N.Baisheva Unemployment: problems and coping ways on the example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Sociology, philosophy, culturology
7. S.A.Litvinceva
Dynamics of formation of the students, professional motivation
8. S.S.Khalikova The employment of young people in the Khabarovsk region: sociological aspect
9. V.N.Shiyan About welfare tenors of people’s life: view of methodological aspects of a research of Russia
We discuss a problem: state and development of the civil society
10. I.I.Chesnitsky The role of the Ombudsman institution in development of the civil society: regional dimension
11. N.M.Baikov
Problem field of the civil society's lifetime in regional measurement
12. Y.V.Berezutskiy Social activity of citizens as the base of development of civil society
13. N.P.Sidorova Volunteering as an indicator of self-organization of the civil society
14. Ye.A.Kleimenov Openness of the police activity in sociological measurement
15. D.V.Mitrofanov
Activities of the public-government cooperation as a factor of development of the civil society in the Khabarovsk region
16. N.M.Medvedeva
The problems of providing public order in contract relationship aimed to satisfy the massive social needs
17. T.S.Korobeinikova
Medical workers’ insurance contract of professional responsibility
18. E.A.Kiselyov
E.Yu. Kazachyok
To the question about planning of investigation as a way of opti-mization of work of employees of the investigative bodies
Ecological policy
19. M.P.Arutyunyan Ecological risks of the global world and the education “ecologization” tasks
20. V.V.Val'kovskaya
A.M. Razgon
Wood as a benefit and source of wealth: philosophical and economic sketch
21. T.A.Yaroslavtseva From the history of development of a system of sanitary and eco-logical safety in the municipal economy in the Far East of Russia
22. S.Yu.Zelenskaya
I.M. Filyanina
Еcological standards and organic agriculture: perspectives of legal regulation
23. А.V.Yaroslavtsev Ecological innovations in the housing and communal services: spe-cial contribution to improvement the qualities of life of the citizens
Post-Graduate Research
24. P.I.Pischikov Concession agreements in Russia: economic retrospective
25. V.A.Kulikovа The problems of development of transit potential in the Far East and the ways of their solutions