№ 4 (105) 2023

Article name
Social and economic cooperation of the countries of the Pacific Rim
1 Suslov D.V. Economic development’s trends in the NEA countries (PRC, Japan, Republic of Korea) in 2022–2023: the impact of geopolitical tensions and heterogeneous risks
2 Dyomina O. V.
Mazitova M. G.
Russian energy resources in the markets of NEA-3 countries and India in new conditions
3 Izotov D. A. Russian-Vietnamese trade: dynamics of rapprochement under the conditions of restrictions
The Far East: strategies and development models
4 Antonova N. E.
Lomakina N. V.
Dynamics of institutional conditions for regional development and strategic prospects for the resource sector of the Khabarovsk territory
5 Novitskiy A. A.
Shevchenko L. A.
Sustainability of regional budgets in the Russian Far East
6 Ivanova S.N. Socio-economic sustainability of rural areas of the Far East with a special regime of environmental management (on the example of Republic of Buryatia)
Theory and practice of economics and management
7 Renzin O.M. Transformation of risks in institutional transformations of the region: prerequisites
8 Maslyuk N. A.
Medvedeva N. V.
Formation of a technological development ecosystem at the national and regional levels
9 Belousova A. V.
Gritsko M. A.
Demographic losses of the Far East: assessment of economic damage
10 Motrich E. L. Demographic and migration processes in the Russian Far East (2019–2022)
11 Berezutskiy Yu. V.
Mitrofanov D. V.
Territorial public self-government as a tool for involving the population in solving issues of local importance (on the example of Khabarovsk)
12 Nazarov A. V.
Dolzhenko R. A.
Approach to determining significance and result of consistency of the interests of the higher education organizations’ stakeholders
13 Cherevko M. A. On the issue of new approaches to teacher training: sociological aspect
14 Kleymyonov E. A.
Shelkovnikova A. E.
Professional self-determination of schoolchildren of the Khabarovsk territory: sociological analysis
15 Gareeva I. A.
Garnaga А. F.
Health-saving urban space (vernacular aspect)
16 Bashkueva E. Yu. Modern approaches to reducing alcohol consumption at the regional level: the experience of the Republic of Buryatia (based on the materials of sociological research
Post-Graduate Research
17 Stasyuk E. V. Features of self-identification of youth of the Khabarovsk territory in the conditions of special military operation)
Chronicle of scientific events
18 Renzin O. M.
Polivaeva O. G.
Science in anticipation of new transformations

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