No.1, 2020

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Название статьи
Theory and practice of economics and management
1 M. N. Solomko Development of theory and methodology of the budget regulation
2 O. V. Kulagina
O. V. Averina
Formation of the fiscal sustainability of municipalities (by the example of the municipality «Birobidzhan City» he Jewish Autonomous region)
3 I. V. Shugaeva Replacement rate as an economic indicator of effectiveness of the pension system in the Russian Federation
4 S. S. Khalikova
M. S. Syupova
Impact of regional policies on the small business development
5 I. A. Sukhanov Export support system in South Korea
6 D. A. Popov The Great Patriotic War 1941–1945: Government mechanism
7 N. M. Baykov State and prospects of domestic entrepreneurship: from the methodology of knowledge to the sociological dimension
8 V. V. Zubkov Migration component of demographic process in the region: statistical and sociological measurement
9 S. S. Khalikova
I. V. Shugaeva
Behavioral strategy of the population of the Khabarovsk territory in the fight against poverty
10 A. V. Mendel Sociological analysis of factors affecting the quality of school education
Post-Graduate Research
11 E. K. Dzhabbarova
N. S. Burevay
Human capital and social infrastructure as the elementsof economic policy
12 L. N. Mordvintseva Achievement of general welfare by the people of China as a result of economic reforms

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