№4 (101) 2022г.

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The Far East: strategies and development models
1 Goldstein R. E. Features of development of the border areas in the modern economic conditions (on the example of the Jewish autonomous region)
2 Dyomina O. V.
Gulidov R. V.
Transformation of the Russian Far East’s energy sector against the backdrop of the global energy transition: role of the institutions
3 Veprikova E. B.
Novitskiy A. A.
Shevchenko L. A.
Budget revenues in the regions of the Russian Far East: issues and opportunities
4 Antonova N. E. Lomakina N. V. Possibilities for e implementation and potential impact of the ESG policy in the resource economy of the Far-Eastern federal district
5 Motrich E. L. Modern demographic processes in the Russian Far East
Theory and practice of economics and management
6 Belousova A. V. Gritsko M. A. Assessment of multiplier effects in the economy of the Khabarovsk territory: impact on the income of population
7 Renzin O. M. About risk assessment of economic interactions in the spatial systems
8 Zhang Mei Current situation and prospects for the development of forestry cooperation between China and Russia
9 Khvan I. S. Approaches to the assessment improving of effectiveness of the local government (using the example of the Khabarovsk territory)
10 Ageshina E. Y.
Lavrentyev I. A.
Fedorova V. A.
Nazarenko O. A.
Specific features of government support for agricultural insurance in the Russian Far East
11 Beskrovnaya O. V. Economic security assessment of the Magadan region
12 Karev А. S.
Polivaeva O. G.
Normative method of measuring the need for reproduction of social infrastructure: retrospective analysis
13 Agafonova G. V.
Mazankova T. V.
Trends for development of housing construction in the Primorsk territory
14 Solomonov M. P. Domestic statistics and mainstream economics
15 Baykov N. M.
Perepechay P. E.
The prestige of professions as a phenomenon of public consciousness of school students and its reflection on the labor market of the Khabarovsk Territory
16 Savin S. D.
Kovtun E. A.
Motivational attitudes of perception of corruption: sociological analysis
17 Filippova A. G.
Zubova O. G.
Ippolitova A. A.
Trends in the development of volunteering as a social institute: expert opinion
18 Nevelichko L. G. Self-organization of population: conceptual foundations of formation and social practice

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