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General provisions

• Scientific journal "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" is issued by the Far-Eastern institute of management – branch of the Russian academy of national economy and public service together with the Apparatus of the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far-Eastern federal district and the Interregional association of economic interaction "The Far East and Transbaikal’e" since December, 1997.
It is registered in the Federal Service for supervision in the sphere of telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) on June 1, 2004 – the registration certificate of PI №.15-0676, PI №. FS77-48935 is re-registered (in connection with the institution reorganization) on March 12, 2012.

• Since 2006 the scientific journal "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" is in the List of the leading reviewed scientific journals of the Highest certifying commission (HCC) by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

• The journal is published 4 times a year. The territory of its distribution is the Russian Federation, it is included in the all-Russian catalog "Rospechat'" (subscription index 36029), in the Integrated catalog
"Press of Russia" (subscription index 94031), in the Integrated catalog "Russian Post" (subscription index 04152), it has an own site:, all this provides its wide information availability.
Since 2012, with a small break, the journal is issued again not only in Russian, but also in the English-language version. The edition comes out with the ISSN 1818-4049 index. • Scientific orientation of "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal:
08.00.00 - economic sciences
22.00.00 - sociological sciences
12.00.00 - jurisprudence

• The founder of the journal – FGBOU VPO "The Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration by the President of the Russian Federation".

• Scientific journal "The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" is the specialized scientific edition focused on the workers of public authorities and the local government of different levels, business community, economists, financiers, social workers, lawyers, personnel officers, analysts, teachers, graduate students and the students of the higher education institutions.

• The journal publishes the results of theoretical and empirical researches, information and analytical materials. Thanks to the connection of science and practice, the readers have an opportunity to get acquainted with the results of researches in which the scientific knowledge refracts through the social practice.

• Priority subjects:
- questions of the public and municipal administration and management of the production and economic complex in the East of Russia;
- personnel policy and practice of its realization in the bodies of the state, municipal and the production economic management;
- questions of the regional economic, social, demographic and national policy.

• Main headings:
- Theory and practice of management
- Economy and management
- History and the present
- Sociology and philosophy
- Legal field
- Represent to protection

Journal mission: to bring the research of problems of the management, economy, social policy, sociology to the qualitatively new level, and also to encourage to the publication of the authors who are carrying out the research and practical activities in the sphere of historical, legal and philosophical sciences

Purposes and tasks

Issuing the journal, the editorship pursues some aims. First, to give to the scientists an opportunity to publish results of the researches. Secondly, to draw attention to the most actual perspective and interesting directions of economic, sociological, legal and philosophical sciences. Thirdly, to adjust an exchange of opinions between the researchers from different subjects of the Far-Eastern region, Russia and the other states.

"The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal is the project open for the all interested persons and organizations. Editorial council of the journal constantly involves new authors with the analytical materials, scientific articles, reviews and responses on the information materials on fundamental and applied questions of economy, management, law, history, sociology, philosophy.

One of the basic moments of the policy of the journal – careful reviewing of the materials placed in the edition. For optimization of the process of selection all the articles at first undergo the testing through the “Antiplagiat” system and only after that go on the reviewing. Editorial office of the journal carries out the reviewing and editing of the all coming manuscripts according to the requirements to the edition of scientific literature. On the basis of the review the editorial council can accept to publication, recommend to the author to finish the article or to reject it.

Thanks to such policy of the journal our authors are the scientists and teachers of the higher education institutions from the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries, heads of the ministries and departments, the large and small enterprises, employees of the law enforcement and other bodies, graduate students.

Editorial office of the journal pursues the policy of the open access to the peer-reviewed electronic scientific publications, promoting an improvement of the information scientific exchange, and also an increase of citing of the works and, respectively, the productivity of scientific activity of the authors publishing in the journal.

Access to the all numbers on the journal site is free.

"The Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal is included in the Russian index of scientific citing (RISC) and presented in the Scientific Electronic Library in open access.

The journal is included in the Abstract journal and Databases WINITI RAN. Information on the issues of the journal is given in the catalog WINITI RAN.

Basic principles

1. Editorial council of the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal doesn't accept the materials containing offensive expressions, manifestations of aggression or the national, religious, racial or other discrimination, the kindling international and racial discord, breaking international rules of law and the legislation to the publication.

2. To the publication the articles reflecting the results of scientific researches which introduce a new essential contribution to our understanding of problems of the theory and practice of management, economic development of the Far-Eastern territories of Russia are accepted, investigate the interrelation and mutual influence of social, ecological aspects and scientific progress on the region and country economy as a whole, containing sociological, historical and philosophical researches.

3. The journal is oriented on widening of the framework of scientific researches by attraction to the publication of the authors working at a joint of disciplines: economy and managements, sociology and social sciences, etc.

4. The journal has to provide an access to the results of scientific researches by the timely publication of materials from the press, the publication of data on the new issues of the journal and its contents on the journal site that the information published in it was available to the scientific community, representatives of the authorities, students and graduate students.

In the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal the manuscripts which successfully passed an external reviewing are published, previously were examined and estimated by the editorial council. The editorial council of the edition doesn't review negative answers on the materials given on its examination, and also doesn't open to their authors the contents of reviews.

The main selection criteria and adoptions of the manuscripts to publication in the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal are originality, innovative and scientific importance, practical interest.

Editorial council of the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal aspires to that the edition was of interest to the readers not only of the Far-Eastern region, Russia, but also the foreign countries. Therefore the editorial council encourages the publications presented by the authors from the other countries, and also the groups of authors consisting both from the Russian and foreign scientists.

Editorial council of the "Power and Administration in the East of Russia" journal doesn't bear responsibility for the opinions, judgments, results and the conclusions drawn by the authors of the articles and printed in the journal.

The materials placed in the journal reflect the personal point of view of the authors which can differ from the point of view of the editorship.

The decision on the publication or deviation of materials is accepted by the editorial council of the journal.

The payment for the publication isn't taken from the graduate students.

The royalties for the publication of the articles aren't charged.

The editorship has the right to reject in an inadequate way issued or not relating to the journal profile materials. The editorship doesn't get into argument with the authors of the rejected materials.

The editorship reserves the right to make the reduction and editorial changes of the manuscript.

Manuscripts aren’t given back.

The reprint, placement or distribution of the materials published and/or published on the official website without the preliminary written consent of the editorial office of the journal isn't allowed. The violation of exclusive rights of the editorship on the use of given for the publication and the materials examined by the editorship is pursued under the law.

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